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HMS 10mg Scale

HMS 10mg Scale

HMS 10mg Scale

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A 10mg weighing scale is a precision balance or analytical balance designed to measure extremely small quantities of mass with a high level of accuracy. The "10mg" in the term refers to the scale's readability or sensitivity, indicating that it can measure increments as small as 10 milligrams (0.01 grams).

Here are some key characteristics and applications of a 10mg weighing scale:

High Precision: These scales are known for their exceptional precision. They are capable of measuring substances with great accuracy, making them suitable for scientific research, quality control in laboratories, and various industrial applications where precise measurements are crucial.

Readability: As mentioned, the readability of 10mg means that the scale can display measurements in increments of 10 milligrams. This level of granularity is essential for tasks that involve small sample sizes or when precise measurements are necessary.

Calibration: To maintain their accuracy, 10mg weighing scales require regular calibration. Calibration ensures that the scale is correctly zeroed and provides accurate measurements.

Applications: These scales find use in a wide range of applications, including pharmaceuticals, chemistry, metallurgy, gemology, and environmental testing. Researchers, scientists, and technicians rely on them to measure substances like chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, and small samples in various analytical procedures.

Safety Precautions: When using a 10mg weighing scale, it's essential to handle samples and equipment with care. Factors such as air currents, temperature fluctuations, and static electricity can affect the accuracy of measurements. Therefore, they are often used in controlled environments to minimize potential sources of error.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning and calibration, is critical to keep the scale functioning accurately. Users typically follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and handling.

Size and Design: These scales come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different sample sizes and types. Some may be compact benchtop models, while others are larger floor-standing units.

It's important to note that 10mg weighing scales can vary in terms of their maximum capacity (the maximum weight they can measure accurately), so the specific model chosen should align with the intended application and the range of masses you need to measure. Additionally, they are often more expensive than standard scales due to their high precision and sensitivity.

10mg Weighing Scale Applications

► Laboratories

► Industries

► Education

► Jewellery


► Over load protection

► Weather & water proof sophisticated tactile keyboard

► High accurate load cell

► Approved by weight & Measurement Dept. Govt. of Tamilnadu

► 12 to 15 w power consumption

► 230 V ± 10% 50Hz volts AC.

► Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C

10mg Weighing Scale - Technical Details

Model Cap. Acc. Pan (mm) Wind Shield Oper. Temp Dimension
HMS-J 600 gm (0.01 g) 10 mg 120 Glass with Doors 10 - 45 degree C 360 x 230 x 140
HMS-J 1000 gm (0.01 g) 10 mg 120 Acrylic 10 - 45 degree C 360 x 230 x 140

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