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HMS Animal Scale

HMS Animal Scale

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HMS animal scale, also known as a veterinary scale or animal weighing scale, is a specialized device used to measure the weight of animals. These scales are designed to accommodate various types and sizes of animals, ranging from small pets like cats and dogs to larger livestock such as cattle and horses. Animal scales serve various purposes, including monitoring the health and growth of animals, managing livestock, and administering medications or treatments.

Here are some common features and types of animal scales:

Platform Scales: These scales have a flat platform on which the animal stands. They are commonly used for weighing small to medium-sized animals like cats, dogs, and small livestock. Platform scales may have a non-slip surface and may be portable or stationary.

Cage Scales: These scales consist of a cage or enclosure with a weighing mechanism underneath. They are suitable for weighing small and sometimes more fragile animals, such as birds, rodents, and reptiles, while keeping them contained during the measurement.

Livestock Scales: These are larger, heavy-duty scales designed for weighing large animals like cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs. They often have a platform that accommodates the size and weight of the animals. Some livestock scales are portable, while others are permanently installed in livestock handling facilities.

Portable Scales: Portable animal scales are designed for easy transport and use in various locations, such as farms or mobile veterinary clinics. They are often battery-powered and can be used in the field.

Digital Scales: Many modern animal scales are equipped with digital displays for easy and accurate readings. Some models also offer additional features like memory storage, data recording, and connectivity to computers or printers.

Waterproof and Washable Scales: In veterinary clinics or areas where cleanliness is crucial, some animal scales are designed to be waterproof and washable for easy cleaning and sanitation.

Animal scales are essential tools in veterinary medicine, agriculture, and animal care. They play a crucial role in various applications, including:

Monitoring the growth and development of pets and livestock. Tracking the health and nutritional status of animals. Administering medications and determining dosage based on weight. Ensuring accurate dosing of vaccines and treatments. Managing livestock for breeding, sale, or transportation purposes. Conducting research and studies related to animal health and behavior. When using an animal scale, it's essential to handle animals gently and safely to minimize stress and ensure accurate measurements. It's also important to choose a scale that is appropriate for the size and type of animal being weighed, as well as to calibrate and maintain the scale regularly to ensure accuracy.

Animal weight checking machine :

Research and Development is the strength of our firm. The offered machine is a unique in its own type as the machine is peculiarly designed for the weighment of animals. The provided scale is designed and manufactured as per industry standards using the finest quality raw material and advanced technology under the supervision of our expert team. In addition to this, clients can avail this scale from us in customized options. This animal scale is excellent for weighing of small animals such as cats or dogs in the veterinary medicine (Veterinarian, animals helter).We have taken the special care for the design of the machine as the height of the scale facilitates the animal in stepping on to the scale. Most importantly, if the animal is restless and keeps moving, the machine gives accurate weighment. The display is connected via a 1,6m coiled cable with the platform. For stationary use, the animal scale can be mounted to a wall with the mounting device, which is included in the scope of delivery. The scale is powered by mains operation as standard. The scale can be powered by batteries, which allows weighing at any place up to 60hours.

Features of Animal Weighing Scale

► Perfect for small animals (cats, dogs)

► Three weighing ranges: up to 60 | 150 | 300 | 500kg with a readability of 20 | 50 | 100 | 100 g

► Platform size: 600 x 600 mm | 750x750mm | 1000x1000mm

► Large and sturdy stainless-steel weighing plate, hygienic and easy to clean

► Low height

► Tare function

► Good readability

► Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet

► High mobility thanks to battery operation and compact design

► Power supply: mains operation(mains plug included) or battery operation(6 x 4,5 V)

Scope of Delivery

► Animal scale with digital indicator

► Wall mount for the indicator

► Mains plug

► Operating instructions

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