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HMS Silver Weighing Scale

HMS Silver Weighing Scale

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HMS silver weighing scale typically refers to a weighing scale or balance made partially or entirely from silver or having a silver finish for aesthetic purposes. In many cases, the term "silver weighing scale" may be used informally to describe a weighing scale with a silver-colored or metallic finish rather than one made of pure silver. Here are some key points related to HMS silver weighing scales:

Material: While scales and balances can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic, those described as "silver" are often made with a silver-colored coating or finish. This silver finish can enhance the scale's appearance.

Aesthetic Appeal: Silver-colored scales are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal, as they can look elegant and modern. They are commonly used in settings such as kitchens, bathrooms, or personal spaces where appearance matters.

Types of Scales: Silver finishes can be found on various types of scales, including personal weighing scales, bathroom scales, kitchen scales, and decorative scales used for display purposes.

Accuracy: The choice of material used for the scale's construction or finish does not inherently affect its accuracy. The accuracy of a weighing scale depends more on its design, calibration, and intended use.

Digital vs. Analog: Silver-colored finishes can be found on both digital and analog (mechanical) scales. Digital scales provide precise weight measurements, while analog scales use mechanical components like springs and levers.

Maintenance: Silver finishes, whether real silver or not, may require specific maintenance to prevent tarnishing or scratching. Proper cleaning methods should be followed to maintain the scale's appearance.

Purpose: The choice of a silver weighing scale may be driven by personal preferences for aesthetics or interior design considerations. It is essential to select a scale that meets your specific weighing needs.

Availability: Silver weighing scales can be readily found in the market, both online and in physical retail stores, offering a range of options in terms of design, features, and price points.

When considering a silver weighing scale, it's essential to focus on its intended purpose and features, such as weight capacity, accuracy, and functionality. Whether for personal use or decorative purposes, choose a scale that aligns with your needs and preferences while ensuring that it meets any accuracy or performance requirements.


► Adaptor Box.

► 6 V, 1.2 AH rechargeable SMF battery.

► 7.4V, 1.5AH Li-Ion battery with charger.

► Solar Panel.

► Extra display (at the backside of the scale or rod-type display).

Main Features

► Red bright LED display.

► 24 bit ADC (High resolution).

► Feather touch membrane keyboard with audible indication during entry.

► Indications for A.C. On, Nett/Gross weight, Zero, Battery, Battery low & Count mode.

► Display intensity adjustable for longer battery backup.

► Counting function.

► Memory accumulation.

Technical Details

Model Cap. Acc. Pan (mm)
HMS-S 2 Kg 0.05 g 215 x 185
HMS-S 5 Kg 0.1 g 215 x 185

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