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HMS Crane Scale

HMS Crane Scale With Wireless Indiacator

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HMS crane scale with a wireless indicator is a specialized weighing system used for lifting and weighing heavy objects using an overhead crane or hoisting equipment. In this setup, the scale is typically attached to the lifting apparatus (e.g., hook or shackle) and is responsible for measuring the weight of the load, while the wireless indicator displays the weight readings remotely and may offer additional features for enhanced convenience and safety. This combination is commonly used in industrial and construction settings where it's essential to weigh large and bulky items accurately.

Here are the key features and functions associated with a HMS crane scale with a wireless indicator:

Crane Scale: The crane scale itself is designed for heavy-duty applications and is built to handle high weight capacities, often ranging from hundreds of kilograms to several tons.

Wireless Indicator: The wireless indicator is a handheld or remote display device that communicates wirelessly with the crane scale. It typically receives the weight data from the scale and displays it remotely, allowing the operator to view the measurements from a safe distance.

Digital Display: The wireless indicator features a digital display screen that provides clear and accurate weight readings in units such as kilograms, pounds, or tons. It may also display other relevant information, such as peak weight, total weight, and battery status.

Taring Function: Like traditional crane scales, a crane scale with a wireless indicator usually includes a tare or zero function. This function allows the operator to reset the scale to zero with the lifting attachment in place, ensuring that only the weight of the lifted object is measured.

Battery-Powered: Both the crane scale and the wireless indicator are often powered by rechargeable batteries, providing flexibility for use in different locations without requiring access to electrical outlets.

Wireless Connectivity: The wireless indicator communicates with the crane scale using wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF). This wireless connection allows for real-time data transmission without the need for physical cables, improving safety and convenience.

Remote Control: Some wireless indicators come with additional features, such as remote control capabilities, allowing the operator to control the crane scale, tare functions, and other settings from the remote display device.

Data Recording: Depending on the model, the wireless indicator may have built-in memory for recording and storing weight data, which can be useful for tracking and documentation purposes.

HMS Crane scales with wireless indicators are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, shipping, and logistics, where accurate weight measurements of heavy loads are crucial for safety and operational efficiency. The wireless feature enhances safety by allowing operators to monitor weight readings from a safe distance and make real-time decisions during lifting operations.

When using a HMS crane scale with a wireless indicator, operators should follow safety protocols and guidelines to ensure safe lifting and weighing processes. Regular maintenance and calibration of the equipment are also essential to maintain accuracy and reliability.

Crane Scale With Wireless Indiacator Applications

► Heavy Engineering.

► Steel & Cement.

► Foundry.

Technical Features

► Over load protection.

► Approved by weight & Measurement Dept. Govt. of Tamilnadu.

► Sturdy & Rugged Construction with Industrial Coating.

► 6V Battery Lithium Battery Available.

► Large LED display.

► Heavy Push Button.

► Over Load Alarm And Indication.

► High-Tension Hook & Shackle .

► Weight Accumulation Function.

► In Built Rechargeable Battery.

► Economical & Affordable Price.

► Casting Body.

► Bluetooth Printer Option.

Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Class
HMS-C 1 Ton 500 gm III
HMS-C 2 Ton 1 Kg III
HMS-C 3 Ton 1 Kg III
HMS-C 5 Ton 2 Kg III
HMS-C 10 Ton 5 Kg III
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