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Handy Billing Machine

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HMS handy billing machine, also known as a portable billing machine or handheld billing device, is a compact electronic device used for generating invoices, receipts, and bills in various businesses, particularly in retail, hospitality, and service industries. These devices are designed to simplify and expedite the billing and invoicing process by allowing users to create and print receipts or invoices on the spot, typically at the point of sale or service delivery. Handy billing machines offer mobility and convenience, making them useful for businesses that require on-the-go billing and transaction processing. Key features and functions of HMS handy billing machine typically include:

Compact and Portable Design: Handy billing machines are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and use in various locations, including in the field or at events.

Built-in Thermal Printer: These devices come equipped with a built-in thermal printer that can print invoices or receipts on thermal paper, eliminating the need for separate printers.

LCD Display: A clear LCD display screen allows users to view and input transaction details, item descriptions, and pricing information.

Customizable Templates: Users can often customize invoice templates, including adding business logos, contact information, and other branding elements.

Item Database: Some models include the capability to store a database of products or services, enabling quick and accurate item selection during billing.

Barcode Scanning: Handy billing machines may support barcode scanning to streamline the process of adding items to invoices, especially in retail settings.

Connectivity Options: Many devices offer connectivity options such as USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi for data transfer, printing, and synchronization with other systems or devices.

Battery Operation: These devices are typically battery-operated, providing the mobility to conduct transactions in locations without access to power outlets.

Financial Calculations: Handy billing machines can perform various financial calculations, including subtotaling, discounts, taxes, and total amounts.

Data Storage: Some models have onboard memory for storing transaction data, allowing for the printing of duplicate receipts or invoices and simplifying record-keeping.

Security Features: Security features, such as password protection and encryption, help secure sensitive transaction data.

Handy billing machines are commonly used in a range of businesses, including:

Retail Stores: For generating sales receipts and invoices. Restaurants and Cafes: To create bills for food and beverage orders. Service Providers: Such as plumbers, electricians, and technicians for billing customers after service completion. Events and Trade Shows: For on-the-spot ticketing and sales. Mobile Businesses: Including food trucks and street vendors.

HMS handy billing machines are especially valuable for businesses that need to provide customers with immediate proof of purchase or require efficient billing solutions in remote or temporary locations.

Handy Billing Machine - Benefits

► Calculate GST and Discount Easily.

► Help in Tally Cash.

► Saving Time.

► Small and Compact.

► Thermal Printer for faster printing with inbuilt Battery Backup.

► Gives Daily, Monthly, Yearly and item wise Sales Report.

Best suited for

► Parking.

► Sales for Retail Shop.

► Bank Collection.

► Van Distribution.

► Cable TV Collection.

Customer Benefits

► Accurate bills with totaling.

► Genuine Bills.

► Less waiting Time.


Model BHP 2T BHP 3T
Paper roll width 55 mm 79 mm
Report 13+ 13+
Barcode connectivity Yes Yes
Data upload / download Yes Yes
Regional Language No No
Inbuilt Battery backup Yes Yes

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