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HMS cash counting machine, also known as a currency counter or money counter, is a specialized device designed to accurately and efficiently count and often authenticate banknotes or currency. These machines are widely used in various commercial and financial settings, including banks, retail stores, casinos, and cash-intensive businesses, to streamline the process of counting and handling cash transactions.

Here are the key features and functions of HMS cash counting machine:

Counting: The primary function of a cash counting machine is to quickly and accurately count the number of banknotes or bills. This can be done in batches or as single notes are inserted into the machine.

Authentication: Many modern cash counting machines are equipped with advanced features for detecting counterfeit currency. They use various technologies, such as UV (ultraviolet) detection, magnetic ink detection, and infrared (IR) sensors, to verify the authenticity of banknotes.

Sorting: Some machines have the capability to sort banknotes by denomination, separating them into different trays or pockets. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to organize cash for deposit or cash drawer management.

Batching: Cash counting machines often have a batching feature that allows users to preset a specific number of banknotes for each batch. This feature is useful for quickly preparing cash for bank deposits or cash drawers.

Value Counting: Some advanced models can not only count banknotes but also calculate the total value of the cash being processed. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to count large sums of money quickly.

Counterfeit Alerts: When counterfeit banknotes are detected, the machine typically provides an alert, such as an audible alarm or a visual indicator, to notify the user.

Hopper and Stacker: Cash counting machines typically have a hopper where banknotes are placed for counting and a stacker where the counted banknotes are neatly arranged for easy retrieval.

Display: Most cash counting machines have a digital display that shows the number of banknotes counted, the total value, and other relevant information.

Speed: The speed at which a cash counting machine operates can vary significantly, with some machines capable of counting hundreds or even thousands of banknotes per minute.

Connectivity: Some models offer connectivity options, such as USB or serial ports, to connect to computers or printers for record-keeping and reporting.

Cash counting machines are valuable tools for businesses and financial institutions, as they help reduce the risk of errors associated with manual counting and provide an efficient way to process cash transactions. They are particularly useful in environments where cash handling is frequent and time-sensitive.

When using HMS cash counting machine, it's essential to maintain and calibrate it regularly to ensure accurate counting and authentication. Additionally, users should follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines to prevent jams and ensure safe operation.

Cash Counting Machine Specification

► Counterfeit Detecting Function (UV & MG)

► Auto Start Counting Mode

► Addition Function, Batch Function

► Chained Note Detection

► Size Detection

► IR Detection

► Half-Note Detection

► LED Display

► Customer Display

Cash Counting Machine Properties

► Counting Speed--1000 Pcs / Min.

► Bank Note Size--110 x 50-190 x 90 mm

► Counter Display--4 Digits

► Batch display--3 Digits

► Hopper Capacity--200 Pcs.

► Stacker Capacity--200 Pcs.

► Power SupplyAC--220V, 50Hz

► Power Consumption--80W

► Dimension--315 x 265 x 170 mm

► Net Weight--6 Kgs


Cash Counting Machine

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