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Mix Note Value Counting Machine

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"Value Mix" feature in a cash counting machine typically means that the machine is capable of counting and sorting different denominations of banknotes while providing a total count and value for each denomination. This feature is particularly useful in cash-intensive businesses, such as banks, retail stores, and casinos, where it's important to quickly and accurately count a variety of banknotes.

Here are some key features and considerations to look for in a cash counting machine with a "Value Mix" feature:

Multi-Denomination Counting: The machine should be able to count and sort various denominations of banknotes simultaneously. This eliminates the need to manually separate and count different denominations.

High-Speed Counting: For efficient cash processing, the machine should have a high counting speed, capable of processing a large number of banknotes per minute.

Counterfeit Detection: Many modern cash counting machines come with advanced counterfeit detection features, including UV (Ultraviolet) detection, MG (Magnetic Ink) detection, IR (Infrared) detection, and multi-spectral analysis, to identify counterfeit banknotes.

Value Calculation: The machine should provide a total count and total value for each denomination, as well as a grand total count and total value for all counted banknotes.

Batch Counting: Batch counting functionality allows you to set a specific quantity or value for each denomination, and the machine will automatically stop when the desired batch is reached.

Error Detection: Look for error detection features that can identify double notes, half notes, or any discrepancies in the counted banknotes.

Sorting Options: Some machines may offer sorting options, allowing you to separate banknotes into different compartments based on their denomination or condition.

User-Friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface with a clear display and intuitive controls is essential for ease of use.

Connectivity: Consider whether the machine offers connectivity options, such as USB ports or serial ports, for data transfer and integration with other financial systems or software.


► Automatic Start, Stop and Clear with UV, MG, MT, IR, 3D Counterfeit detection

► Mix value counting for Indian Rupee and show pieces of each denomination

► Denomination sort function

► With batch, add and self-checking function

► Automatic half-note, chained note, double-note detection

► Specially designed and developed for Indian currency


► Hopper Capacity : 100 old bills or 200 new bills

► Stacker Capacity : 100 old bills or 200 new bills

► Counting Speed : 1000pics/min

► Dimension : 300 x 250 x 150 mm

► Power Supply : AC220V±10% 50Hz

► Power Consuption : ≤ 80 W

► Size Of Countable Notes : 50 x119-90 x 180mm

► Thickness Of Countable Notes : 0.075-0.15mm

► Counting Display: 4 digits

► Batch Display: 3 digits

► Net Weight : 5.3kg

► Gross Weight : 13.5 kg

► Color Box Size : 375×333×251 mm

► Cartoon Size : 680x390x270 mm


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