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HMS Crane Scale

HMS Crane Scale

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HMS crane scale is a specialized weighing device designed for lifting and weighing heavy objects using an overhead crane, hoist, or similar lifting equipment. These scales are commonly used in industrial and construction settings to accurately measure the weight of large and bulky items, such as heavy machinery, shipping containers, construction materials, and industrial equipment. HMS Crane scales are valuable tools for ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with weight-related regulations.

Here are the key features and functions of HMS crane scales:

Heavy-Duty Construction: Crane scales are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. They are typically constructed with robust materials, including steel or aluminum, to ensure durability.

High Weight Capacity: Crane scales are designed to handle heavy loads, with weight capacities ranging from hundreds of kilograms to several tons or more, depending on the model.

Load Cell Technology: Most crane scales use load cell technology to measure weight accurately. Load cells are sensors that convert the force exerted by the load into an electrical signal, which is then used to calculate the weight.

Digital Display: Crane scales are equipped with a digital display that shows the weight reading in units such as kilograms, pounds, or tons. Some models may also display other relevant information, such as peak weight or total weight.

Remote Control: Many crane scales come with a remote control or handheld indicator that allows the operator to control the scale and view weight measurements from a safe distance.

Taring Function: The tare function allows the user to reset the scale to zero with the lifting attachment (e.g., hook or shackle) in place, so only the weight of the lifted object is measured.

Battery or AC Power: Crane scales can be powered by rechargeable batteries or by connecting to an electrical power source. Battery-powered models provide flexibility for use in various locations.

Wireless Connectivity: Some crane scales offer wireless connectivity options, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to transmit weight data to a remote device or computer for real-time monitoring and recording.

Safety Features: Crane scales often incorporate safety features such as overload protection to prevent damage to the scale or equipment in case of excessive load.

Certification: In some applications, crane scales may require certification and verification by regulatory authorities to ensure accurate and reliable measurements, especially in trade or legal contexts.

Crane scales are used in various industries and applications, including:

Manufacturing: Weighing and handling raw materials, finished products, and machinery. Construction: Measuring loads for lifting and positioning construction materials and equipment. Shipping and Logistics: Verifying the weight of cargo containers and pallets for transportation and logistics purposes. Agriculture: Weighing agricultural produce and equipment. Scrap Metal Recycling: Determining the weight of scrap metal for recycling.

When using a HMS crane scale, it's essential to follow safety procedures and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure accurate measurements. Regular maintenance, calibration, and inspection of the scale are also crucial to maintain its reliability and accuracy.

Crane Scale Applications

► Heavy Engineering.

► Steel & Cement.

► Foundry.

Technical Features

► Over load protection.

► Approved by weight & Measurement Dept. Govt. of Tamilnadu.

► Sturdy & Rugged Construction with Industrial Coating.

► 6V Battery Lithium Battery Available.

► Large LED display.

► Heavy Push Button.

► Over Load Alarm And Indication.

► High-Tension Hook & Shackle .

► Weight Accumulation Function.

► In Built Rechargeable Battery.

► Economical & Affordable Price.

► Casting Body.

► Bluetooth Printer Option.

Crane Scale Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Class
HMS-C 1 Ton 500 gm III
HMS-C 2 Ton 1 Kg III
HMS-C 3 Ton 1 Kg III
HMS-C 5 Ton 2 Kg III
HMS-C 10 Ton 5 Kg III

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