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HMS Floor Bundle Note Cash Counting

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HMS floor bundle note cash counting machine is a specialized cash counting and sorting device designed for high-volume cash handling operations, such as those in banks, financial institutions, casinos, and cash-intensive businesses. These machines are capable of efficiently counting large volumes of banknotes and are equipped with features for sorting, detecting counterfeit currency, and providing accurate and reliable cash counts.

Here are some key features and functions of HMS floor bundle note cash counting machines:

High Capacity: These machines have a high-capacity hopper and stacker, allowing them to process large quantities of banknotes quickly.

Counting Speed: Floor bundle note counters are designed for speed and efficiency, with counting rates ranging from hundreds to thousands of banknotes per minute, depending on the model.

Batch Counting: Users can set the machine to count banknotes in predefined batch sizes, simplifying the process of bundling and organizing cash.

Value Counting: Some advanced models can calculate the total value of the cash being counted based on the denominations of the banknotes.

Sorting: These machines often have the capability to sort banknotes by denomination, allowing for easy bundling and banking of cash.

Counterfeit Detection: Many floor bundle note counters are equipped with advanced counterfeit detection features, such as UV (ultraviolet) and MG (magnetic ink) sensors, IR (infrared) sensors, and multispectral imaging, to identify counterfeit or suspicious banknotes.

Dust and Dirt Resistance: Cash counting machines designed for high-volume use often include features for dust and dirt resistance, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Multi-Currency Support: Some models are capable of handling multiple currencies, making them suitable for businesses that deal with international cash.

Remote Display: Floor bundle note counters may include a remote display that can be positioned separately for convenient viewing and control.

Connectivity: Many models offer connectivity options, such as USB or RS-232 ports, for connecting to computers, printers, or central systems to record and manage cash counts.

Data Storage and Reporting: These machines may have built-in memory for storing count data and generating reports for record-keeping and auditing purposes.

User-Friendly Interface: The interface is designed to be user-friendly, with a clear display and intuitive controls for ease of use.

Noise Reduction: Some models incorporate noise-reduction technology to minimize disruptions in the workspace.

HMS Floor bundle note cash counting machines are essential tools for businesses and organizations that handle large volumes of cash regularly. They help streamline cash handling processes, reduce the risk of errors, and improve operational efficiency. Regular maintenance and cleaning are important to ensure accurate and reliable performance over time, especially in high-volume environments.

Product Highlight

► Elegant, compact & portable, easy to move

► High Speed Operation

► Special Note Dust Collecting Filters

► Auto/Manual Start, Check mode, Free mode

► Preset Batch, ADD mode, OK Stamp mode

► External display for Customer


► Counting Speed : 100 Notes / 4 Seconds

► Note Size Range : Min.:.100 x 50 mm, Max.: 240 x 100 mm

► Hopper Capacity : Upto 200 Notes

► Feed System : Vacuum Suction Type

► Display : Count Mode - 4 Digit 7 Segment Display Selector Mode / Batch Mode - 3 Digit 7 Segment Display

► Stamp Mode : Stamping Device for 100 Notes (Default)

► Power Consumption : 400 Watts

► Dimentions Desk-Top : 305 (W) x 432 (L) x 228 (H) mm

► Dimentions Floor : 330 (W) x 254 (L) x 686 (H) mm

► Weight Desk-Top : 31 Kgs.

► Weight Floor : 39 Kgs.

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