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HMS Platform Scale

HMS Platform Scale

HMS Platform Scale

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HMS platform weighing scale is a type of industrial scale designed for weighing heavy and oversized objects. HMS platform weighing scale typically consist of a large, flat platform on which the objects to be weighed are placed. They are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, shipping, and warehousing.

Here are some key features HMS platform weighing scales:

Weight Capacity: Platform scales come in a range of weight capacities, from a few hundred kilograms to several tons or more, depending on the specific model. Choose a scale with a capacity that accommodates the heaviest objects you need to weigh.

Platform Size: The size of the weighing platform can vary significantly. Select a platform size that suits the size and shape of the items you will be weighing. Some platforms are large enough to accommodate pallets or other bulk items.

Accuracy: Platform scales are designed for accurate weighing, especially for heavy loads. The level of accuracy may vary depending on the scale's design and quality.

Digital Display: Most modern platform weighing scales are equipped with digital displays that show the weight readings clearly and are easy to read. Digital displays are typically more accurate and reliable than analog (mechanical) scales.

Tare Function: The tare function allows you to place containers, pallets, or other objects on the platform and zero out their weight, so only the weight of the items being weighed is considered.

Units of Measurement: Platform scales can display weight in various units, including kilograms, pounds, grams, and ounces, depending on user preferences and requirements.

Power Source: Platform scales can be powered by rechargeable batteries, standard electrical outlets, or both. Battery-powered scales offer flexibility for use in locations without electricity.

Connectivity: Some advanced platform scales offer connectivity options such as USB, RS-232, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi, allowing for data transfer and integration with computer systems and inventory management software.

Durability: Platform scales are built to withstand industrial environments and rough handling. They are typically constructed with durable materials, such as steel or aluminum.

Calibration: Regular calibration is necessary to ensure accurate weighing results. Some scales have automatic calibration features, while others may require manual calibration.

Data Recording: Certain platform scales have built-in memory or data storage capabilities, allowing users to record and analyze weight data for documentation and quality control.

Safety Features: Depending on the application, platform scales may include safety features such as overload protection and anti-slip surfaces to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.

Legal for Trade: In some industries, platform scales must be certified as "legal for trade" to ensure accurate weight measurements for commercial transactions.

HMS HMS Platform weighing scales play a crucial role in industries where accurate and reliable weight measurements are essential for processes such as shipping, receiving, quality control, and inventory management. When selecting a platform scale, consider factors such as weight capacity, platform size, accuracy requirements, and any specific features needed for your industrial application.

Technical Features

► Over load protection.

► Approved by weight & Measurement Dept. Govt. of Tamilnadu.

► Sturdy & Rugged Construction with Industrial Coating.

► SS / MS Platform option.

► High Resolution with Fast Response Time.

► Strong, Aesthetic Look & Finishing.

► Piece Counting Facility.

► Economical & Affordable price. Overload Indication.

► High Bright LED Display. Long Life Dome Keys.

► 4 Load Cell Model Available.

► Sleek & Sturdy Separate Stand For Indicator.

► 6V Battery / 37V Lithium Battery Available.

Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan (mm) Class
HMS-P 100 Kg 10 g 400 x 400 SS III
HMS-P 200 Kg 10/20 g 500 x 500 SS III
HMS-P 300 Kg 50 g 500 x 500 SS III
HMS-P 200 Kg 20 g 600 x 600 SS III
HMS-P 300 Kg 50 g 600 x 600 SS III

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