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HMS Junior Star Billing Printer

HMS Junior Star Billing Printer

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HMS Junior Star Billing Printer is widely known and recognized in the general market.

HMS Junior Star Billing Printer features, specifications are as follows

Billing Printer Functionality: Billing printers, also known as receipt printers or POS (Point of Sale) printers, are designed to print receipts, invoices, and bills for various retail and commercial transactions. They are commonly used in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses where there is a need to generate paper records of sales or transactions.

Features: HMS Junior Star Billing Printers come with a variety of features, including high-speed printing, connectivity options (USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc.), compatibility with point-of-sale (POS) systems, and support for various paper sizes and types.

Printing Technology: HMS Junior Star Billing Printer use different printing technologies, such as thermal printing (which is common for receipt printing), dot matrix printing, or inkjet printing. The choice of technology can affect print quality, speed, and consumable costs.

Print Quality: Print quality is an important consideration, especially if the receipts or bills contain complex graphics or barcodes. Thermal printers are known for producing clear and legible text, but some models may offer higher resolution and graphics capabilities.

Durability: Billing printers used in commercial settings need to be robust and durable. They should be able to withstand continuous use and be resistant to wear and tear.

Connectivity: Billing printers should have connectivity options that match the requirements of your business. USB and Ethernet connections are common, but wireless options like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi may be necessary for certain setups.

Compatibility: Ensure that the billing printer is compatible with your POS system or software. Compatibility can be crucial for seamless integration into your business operations.

Paper Handling: Consider the type and size of paper rolls the printer can accommodate. Some businesses may require special paper for receipts, so check that the printer supports the necessary paper type.

Ease of Use: User-friendly features like easy paper loading and intuitive control panels can make the operation of the billing printer more efficient.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is important to keep the HMS Junior Star Billing Printer functioning optimally.


► Calculate GST and Discount Easily.

► Help in Tally Cash.

► Saving Time.

► Small and Compact.

► Thermal Printer for faster printing with inbuilt Battery Backup.

► Gives Daily, Monthly, Yearly and item wise Sales Report.

Best suited for

► Grocery Shops.

► Restaurants.

► Sweet Shops.

► Wholesale Shops.

► Juice Shops.

► Garments.

Customer Benefits

► Accurate bills with totaling.

► Genuine Bills.

► Less waiting Time.


Model 2T Junior Star
No. of Products stored 1000
Paper roll width 55 mm
Report 13+
Logo No
Weighing Scale connectivity Yes
Key Board connectivity No
Barcode connectivity No
Data upload / download Yes
Regional Language No
Stock Option Yes

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