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HMS high-precision weighing scale, also known as a precision balance or analytical balance, is a specialized instrument designed for accurately measuring the mass or weight of objects with extremely fine increments and precision. These scales are commonly used in scientific research, laboratories, quality control, and other applications where precise measurements are critical.

Here are some key features and considerations related to HMS high-precision weighing scales:

Exceptional Precision: High-precision weighing scales are capable of providing highly accurate measurements, often down to micrograms or milligrams. They offer precise readings that are crucial for scientific experiments, chemical analysis, and other applications where minute differences in weight matter.

Electronic and Digital: Most high-precision weighing scales are electronic and feature digital displays. They utilize advanced load cell technology and microprocessors to ensure accuracy and stability in weight measurements.

Calibration: Regular calibration is essential to maintain the accuracy of high-precision weighing scales. Calibrations should be performed according to a set schedule or when the scale is moved or subjected to environmental changes.

Draft Shield: To protect against air currents and minimize interference from environmental factors, many high-precision scales are equipped with draft shields or enclosures. These shields can be opened and closed to place and remove samples while maintaining a controlled environment.

Taring and Zeroing: High-precision scales typically offer taring and zeroing functions, allowing users to account for the weight of containers or other materials and start measurements from a zero point.

Anti-Vibration Features: To reduce the impact of vibrations in the environment, some high-precision scales are equipped with anti-vibration tables, adjustable feet, or built-in vibration dampening systems.

Weighing Pans: The weighing pan or platform of a high-precision scale is usually small and flat, designed to hold samples or objects that require precise measurement.

Data Output: Many modern high-precision weighing scales provide data output options such as USB, RS-232, or Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to record and analyze measurement data electronically.

Applications: High-precision weighing scales find applications in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biology, materials science, and quality control. They are essential for tasks such as chemical analysis, preparation of standards, and accurate measurements of reagents and samples.

Safety and Contamination Control: In certain applications, such as pharmaceutical research and food testing, high-precision weighing scales may need to meet specific safety and contamination control requirements.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning and calibration, is crucial to ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of high-precision weighing scales.

When selecting a high-precision weighing scale, it's important to consider your specific application requirements, including the desired level of precision, sample size, and environmental conditions. Choose a scale from a reputable manufacturer and follow their recommendations for calibration and maintenance to ensure accurate and consistent measurements.


► Laboratories

► Industries

► Education

► Jewellery


► Over load protection

► Weather & water proof sophisticated tactile keyboard

► High accurate load cell

► Approved by weight & Measurement Dept. Govt. of Tamilnadu

► Low Battery Indication

► Auto Calibration with External Weight

► Multifunction Weighing Units

► Auto Zero tracking

► Overload Protection Design

► S.S. Weighing Pan, Level indicator, Adjustable Fit

► High Resolution, Quick Weighing, Accurate Result

► Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C

Technical Details

Model Cap. Acc. Pan (mm) Oper. Temp Class
HMS-J 200 gm (0.001 g) 1 mg 90 10 - 45 degree C II
HMS-J 300 gm (0.001 g) 1 mg 90 10 - 45 degree C II

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