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HMS Counter Scale

HMS Counter Scale

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HMS counter weighing scale, also known as a countertop scale or benchtop scale, is a type of weighing device designed for use on countertops, tables, or other flat surfaces. These scales are versatile and can be found in various settings, including retail stores, food service establishments, laboratories, and homes. They are commonly used for measuring and weighing small to medium-sized items with precision and accuracy. Here are some key features and functions of HMS counter weighing scales:

Accuracy: Counter weighing scales are designed to provide precise and accurate weight measurements, making them suitable for tasks where precision is essential.

Digital Display: Most modern counter scales are equipped with a digital display that shows the weight in units such as grams, kilograms, ounces, or pounds.

Taring Function: The tare function allows users to reset the scale to zero with a container or packaging on the platform, ensuring that only the weight of the contents is measured.

Weight Capacity: Counter scales come in various weight capacities, ranging from a few grams to several kilograms or pounds, depending on the model.

Counting Function: Some counter scales have a counting function that allows users to count multiple items of the same weight by placing a sample quantity on the scale.

Portability: Many counter scales are portable and can be easily moved to different locations within a workspace.

Battery or AC Power: Counter scales can be powered by either batteries or AC electricity, providing flexibility for use in various settings, including areas without electrical outlets.

Stainless Steel Platform: The platform of counter scales is often made of stainless steel or other durable materials for easy cleaning and resistance to corrosion.

Calibration: Regular calibration is necessary to ensure the scale's accuracy. Calibration weights or procedures are used to maintain precise measurements.

Counter weighing scales are used for a wide range of applications, including:

Retail: In grocery stores, delis, dailies and markets for weighing fruits, vegetables, meats, and other products. Food Service: In commercial kitchens and bakeries for portion control and recipe preparation. Laboratories: In scientific research and testing for accurate measurements of chemicals and samples. Postal and Shipping: In post offices and shipping departments for weighing packages and letters. Home Use: In kitchens for cooking and baking, as well as for various DIY projects.

When using a HMS counter weighing scale, it's important to follow proper weighing techniques and ensure that the scale is on a stable, level surface. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and calibration, is essential to ensure accurate and reliable measurements over time.

Counter Weighing Scale Applications

► General Weighing

► Dairy Units

► Meats & Cheese

► Industries

► Retail Shops

► Packaging Units

Technical Features

► Over load protection

► Weather & water proof sophisticated tactile keyboard

► High accurate load cell

► Approved by weight & Measurement Dept. Govt. of Tamilnadu

► 12 to 15 w power consumption

► 230 V ± 10% 50Hz volts AC.

► Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C

Counter Weighing Scale Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan (mm) Class
HMS-C 10/20 Kg 1/2 g 175 x 230 III
HMS-C 20 Kg 2 g 175 x 230 III
HMS-C 10 Kg 1 g 175 x 230 III
HMS-C 5 Kg 1 g 175 x 230 III

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