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HMS personal weighing scale, also known as a bathroom scale or body weight scale, is a common household device used to measure a person's body weight. HMS personal weighing scales are typically found in bathrooms or bedrooms and are designed for personal use to monitor weight changes. Here are some key features and considerations related to HMS personal weighing scales:

Basic Function: The primary function of a personal weighing scale is to measure and display a person's body weight. They are relatively simple devices compared to other types of scales, such as medical scales or industrial scales.

Weight Units: Personal scales typically display weight in units such as pounds (lbs), kilograms (kg), or stones. Many models allow users to switch between different units of measurement.

Digital Display: Most modern personal weighing scales are equipped with digital displays that provide easy-to-read weight readings. Digital displays are usually more accurate and reliable than analog (mechanical) scales.

Accuracy: The accuracy of personal scales can vary. Higher-quality digital scales tend to provide more precise measurements. Accuracy is important for tracking small changes in weight, especially for individuals monitoring their health or fitness.

Weight Capacity: Personal scales come in various weight capacities, typically ranging from around 300 to 500 pounds (136 to 227 kilograms) or more. Choose a scale with a weight capacity that exceeds your weight to ensure accurate measurements.

Step-On Technology: Many digital personal scales feature "step-on" technology, allowing users to step onto the scale to activate it and obtain weight readings quickly.

Auto Zero and Tare Function: These functions help ensure that the scale starts from a zero point and accounts for variations in weight due to factors like clothing. They are particularly useful for obtaining net body weight measurements.

Memory and Tracking: Some digital personal scales offer memory features that allow multiple users to store their weight data over time. This is useful for tracking weight changes and setting weight loss or fitness goals.

BMI Calculation: Some advanced personal scales have built-in BMI (Body Mass Index) calculators that estimate your BMI based on your weight and height. This can provide additional health insights.

Design and Aesthetics: Personal scales come in various designs, from basic to stylish and decorative. Choose a design that suits your preferences and home decor.

Power Source: Personal scales are typically powered by batteries (usually AA or AAA). Battery life can vary depending on usage, but they generally last a long time.

Maintenance: Personal scales require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional calibration (if supported by the model) can help maintain accuracy.

HMS Personal weighing scales are commonly used for monitoring weight changes related to fitness goals, dieting, or general health. When selecting a personal scale, consider the features that are most important to you, such as accuracy, design, memory functions, and compatibility with your weight tracking goals.

Personal Weighing Scale Description

Electronic Person Weighing Scale with clear LED display, works on adaptor as well as 2 nos. of 1.5 V batteries. Compatible with Free Android App (Phoenix BMI App) that takes weight data from weighing scale via Bluetooth. App shows your health graphs like weight and BMI graphs and shows your normal/target health range. App also stores your health records and you can share your health records further by various apps. This app is available for free on the Google Playstore.


► Bright Red LED display.

► Indication for stable weight.

► Attractive and sturdy M.S. body.

► Equipped with precision strain gauge sensors.

► Auto Zero.

► 3-Key keyboard with audio indication.

► Easy to operate.

► In-built Bluetooth functionality and compatible Android App.

► Dimension: 330mm (L) X 315mm (W) X 39mm (H).

► Extremely low power consumption.

► Weight: 3.1Kg with packing.

► Operates on 2 AA sized (Pencil) cells or on AC Adapter.

► 2 Pencil cells and an AC Adaptor are supplied with the scale.

Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Platform Size (mm)
HMS-10 150 Kg 100 gm 330 x 315
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