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HMS Heavy Duty Scale

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HMS heavy-duty platform scale is a type of weighing scale designed to accurately measure the weight of large and heavy objects. These scales are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings where the weighing of bulky and substantial items is required.

Here are some key features and considerations related to HMS heavy-duty platform scales:

High Weight Capacity: Heavy-duty platform scales are built to handle heavy loads, often ranging from several hundred pounds to several tons or more. The weight capacity can vary significantly depending on the specific scale model.

Durability: These scales are constructed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. They are typically made from robust materials like steel or stainless steel to ensure durability and longevity.

Large Platform: The platform of a heavy-duty scale is usually large and spacious to accommodate oversized objects. The size of the platform can vary, but it's designed to accommodate the dimensions of the items being weighed.

Accuracy: Precision is crucial in many industrial applications, so heavy-duty platform scales are designed to provide accurate and reliable weight measurements. The level of accuracy depends on the scale's design and intended use.

Digital Displays: Many modern heavy-duty platform scales come equipped with digital displays that provide easy-to-read weight readings. Some models may also include additional features such as tare functions and unit conversion.

Load Cells: These scales use load cells to measure the weight placed on the platform. Load cells are sensors that detect the force exerted by the object on the scale and convert it into an electrical signal for weight measurement.

Calibration: Regular calibration is essential to maintain accuracy. Calibration ensures that the scale provides precise measurements over time, and it may need to be performed periodically based on usage and manufacturer recommendations.

Applications: Heavy-duty platform scales find applications in various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, recycling, and construction. They are used for weighing items like pallets, machinery, vehicles, bulk materials, and more.

Portability: While heavy-duty, some models are designed to be portable, with features like built-in wheels or handles to facilitate movement within a facility.

Legal Requirements: In some industries, such as shipping and trade, heavy-duty platform scales may need to comply with legal standards and certifications to ensure fairness and accuracy in trade transactions.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep the scale in good working condition. Dust, debris, and wear and tear can affect accuracy and longevity.

When selecting a heavy-duty platform scale, it's crucial to consider your specific weighing needs, the maximum weight capacity required, the environment in which it will be used, and any regulatory requirements that may apply to your industry. Additionally, consulting with a HMS Enterprises specialist can help you choose the right scale for your application and ensure that it meets all necessary standards.

Heavy Duty Platform Weighing Scale Applications

► Paper Factory

► Textiles

► Steel Companies

► General Weighing

► Heavy Duty Applications

► Grocery Stores

► Industries Use

► Parcel Weighing

► Retail Shops

► Fruits/Vegetables Shops

► Dairy Units

► Meats & Cheese

Technical Features

► Over load Protection

► Approved by weight & Measurement Dept. Govt. of Tamilnadu

► Sturdy & Rugged Construction with Industrial Coating.

► SS / MS Platform option.

► High Resolution with Fast Response Time.

► Strong, Aesthetic Look & Finishing.

► Piece Counting Facility.

► Economical & Affordable price. Overload Indication.

► High Bright LED Display. Long Life Dome Keys.

► 4 Load Cell Model Available.

► Sleek & Sturdy Separate Stand For Indicator.

► 6V Battery / 37V Lithium Battery Available

Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan (mm) Class
HMS-P 500 Kg 50 g 750 x 750 III
HMS-P 1 Ton 100 g 1000 x 1000 III
HMS-P 2 Ton 200 g 1200 x 1200 III
HMS-P 3 Ton 500 g 1500 x 1500 III

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