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HMS Trolley Scale

HMS Trolley Scale

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HMS trolley scale, also known as a platform trolley weighing scale or mobile weighing trolley, is a type of weighing scale integrated into a trolley or cart. It is designed to provide mobility and convenience for weighing heavy or bulky objects in industrial, commercial, and logistics environments. Trolley scales typically consist of a platform or surface where the trolley is placed for weighing. Underneath the platform, there are load cells or sensors that detect the weight applied to the surface. The weight measurement is then displayed on a digital or analog readout for the user to see. Some trolley scales are also equipped with additional features such as printers for generating weight tickets or data interfaces for recording weight data electronically.

HMS Trolley scales are valuable tools in industries where it is essential to determine the weight of materials or products being transported on trolleys accurately. This information is often crucial for inventory management, quality control, and compliance with weight regulations.

HMS Trolley scales come in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different trolley sizes and the weight of their contents. They are commonly used in warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and other settings where trolleys play a significant role in material handling and transportation.

Trolley Weighing Scale Features

► Heavy Duty Wheels For Easy Movement

► Aesthetic Design ABS Indicator

► Sturdy Powder Coated MS Construction

► Hold / Check Weighing / Piece Counting Function

► Printer Interface / Bluetooth USB Connectivity

► Long Battery Backup Various Unit Mode

Trolley Weighing Scale Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan (mm) Class
HMS-P 200 Kg 20 gm 600 x 600 III
HMS-P 300 Kg 50 gm 600 x 600 III
HMS-P 500 Kg 50 gm 750 x 750 III
HMS-P 1 Ton 100 gm 1000 x 1000 III
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