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Weighing with Billing Printer

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HMS Weighing with a billing machine, also known as a weigh and bill system or a weigh and print system, is a process that combines the functionality of a weighing scale with a billing or receipt printing machine. HMS Weighing with a billing machine integrated system allows businesses to weigh items and generate bills or receipts for customers in a streamlined and efficient manner. Here's how the process typically works:

Weighing: The first step is to place the item to be weighed on the weighing platform of the integrated scale. The scale accurately measures the weight of the item and displays the weight value on its digital or analog display.

Billing/Receipt Generation: Once the weight of the item is determined, the billing machine component of the system generates a bill or receipt based on the weight measurement. The billing machine may have a digital display screen and a keypad for inputting pricing information, product codes, or other relevant details.

Price Calculation: The billing machine calculates the total price by multiplying the weight of the item by the unit price or rate per unit weight, which is typically preconfigured or entered manually by the operator.

Printing: After the total price is calculated, the billing machine prints the bill or receipt, which includes details such as the item's weight, unit price, total price, date, time, business name/logo, and any other relevant information. The printed receipt is given to the customer for payment or record-keeping purposes.

Additional Features: Some weighing with billing machines may offer additional features, such as the ability to calculate taxes, apply discounts, record transaction IDs, and store transaction data for future reference or reporting.

Benefits of HMS Weighing with Billing Machines:

Efficiency: This integrated system speeds up the billing process by eliminating the need for separate weighing and billing steps.

Accuracy: The system ensures accurate billing based on the weight of items, reducing the risk of errors in pricing and calculations.

Customer Service: Customers receive a detailed receipt with transparent pricing information, enhancing trust and customer satisfaction.

Record-Keeping: Transaction data is often recorded electronically, making it easier for businesses to track sales, inventory, and financial transactions.

Compliance: Weighing with billing machines helps businesses comply with legal and regulatory requirements for transparent pricing and billing.

Inventory Management: The system can assist in tracking inventory levels and managing stock more effectively.

HMS Weighing with billing machines is commonly used in various business settings, including grocery stores, supermarkets, markets, delis, and specialty shops where items are sold by weight. It simplifies the billing process and ensures that customers receive accurate and detailed receipts for their purchases.


► Easy to weighing live weight transfer.

► Easy to calculate weight with price

► Calculate GST and Discount Easily.

► Help in Tally Cash.

► Saving Time.

► Small and Compact.

► Thermal Printer for faster printing with inbuilt Battery Backup.

► Gives Daily, Monthly, Yearly and item wise Sales Report.

Best suited for

► Grocery Shops.

► Vegitable Shops.

► Sweet Shops.

► Wholesale Shops.

Customer Benefits

► Accurate bills with totaling.

► Genuine Bills.

► Less waiting Time.


Model HMS
No. of Products Stored 1500
Paper roll width 55 mm
Report 20+
Weighing Sacle connectivity Yes
Keyboard connectivity Yes
Barcode connectivity Yes
Data upload / download Yes
Regional Language Yes
Stock Option Yes

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