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HMS Adult Scale

HMS Adult Scale

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HMS adult weighing scale is a device used to measure a person's body weight. These scales are designed specifically for adults and are commonly found in homes, gyms, doctor's offices, and other healthcare settings. They come in various types and designs, including:

HMS Adult Digital weighing Scales: These scales display weight in digital numbers on an electronic screen. They are generally more accurate than analog scales and often come with additional features like body composition analysis, memory storage, and BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation.

HMS Adult Smart Scales: These are digital scales that can connect to a smartphone or other devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. They often have accompanying apps that can track weight trends over time and provide additional health metrics such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more.

HMS Adult Mechanical Beam Scales: These are commonly found in doctor's offices and hospitals. They use a balance beam and weights to determine a person's weight accurately.

When using an adult weighing scale, it's important to follow these guidelines for accurate measurements: Place the scale on a flat, stable surface: Uneven surfaces can affect the accuracy of the measurement. Step onto the scale with bare feet: Removing shoes and heavy clothing can ensure a more accurate reading. Stand still: Remain still while the scale takes the measurement, as movement can affect the reading. Read the display: Once the scale stabilizes and displays your weight, record the measurement. Use the scale consistently: Weigh yourself at the same time of day and under similar conditions for more accurate tracking of weight changes. Keep in mind that body weight is just one aspect of health, and it's essential to consider other factors like body composition, muscle mass, and overall well-being when evaluating your health and fitness. If you have specific health goals or concerns, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian for personalized guidance.

Main Features of Adult Weighing Scale

► Heavy duty, stable platform made up of heavy duty cast iron.

► Easy-to-read bright RED LED display with unique angle setter assembly for setting convenient and clear angle of display.

► Digital filteration technology provides distortion free, stable and repeatable weight reading.

► Hi-tech 24 bit ADC technology provies high resolution for better performance.

► Holds the stable weight, retains the last eight in memory.

► Indication for Zero,Lock,Battery,Battery low,A.C. On.

► Keyboard with audible entry and over load indication.


► 6V-4AH SMF battery and charger(for PW model only).

► Green/Blue Bright LED.

► 20mm Red/Green Display.

► Computer/Printer Interface (RS-232 C).

► USB Port for Computer Interface.

► Thermal Printer.

► Detachable extra display at 5 mtrs.

► Real time clock.

► Solar Panel.

► Adaptor Box with Battery.

► 7.4 V, 1.5AH Li-Ion battery with charger.

Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Platform Size (mm)
HMS-10 200 Kg 100 gm 400 x 400
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