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HMS Label Printing Scale

HMS Label Printing Scale

HMS Label Printing Scale

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HMS label printing weighing scale is a specialized piece of equipment that combines the functionality of a weighing scale with a built-in label printer. HMS Label Printing Scales are commonly used in retail, manufacturing, and other industries where there is a need to weigh items and produce labels with weight information, pricing, product details, barcodes, and other relevant information. Here are some key features of HMS label printing weighing scales:

Weight Measurement: Label printing weighing scales accurately measure the weight of items placed on their weighing platforms. They provide weight readings in various units such as grams, kilograms, pounds, and ounces.

Label Printing: The primary feature of these scales is their ability to print labels. When an item is weighed, the scale can automatically generate a label with information such as the item's weight, pricing, product name, SKU or barcode, and other custom information. This label can then be attached to the item for sale or inventory management.

Label Design: Label printing scales often come with label design software that allows users to customize the appearance and content of labels. This customization can include branding, logos, and additional product details.

Connectivity: Many label printing scales offer connectivity options, such as USB, Ethernet, or wireless connectivity (e.g., Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). This enables integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems, inventory management software, and databases for streamlined operations.

Label Formats: Label printing scales can typically produce various label formats, including adhesive labels, shelf tags, and hang tags, depending on the specific model and application requirements.

Label Sizes: The scales may support different label sizes to accommodate various products and packaging.

Pricing and Barcode: In retail environments, label printing scales often include the ability to print pricing information and barcodes, making it easy to scan items at checkout.

Touchscreen Interface: Many label printing scales have user-friendly touchscreen interfaces for easy operation and label customization.

Legal Requirements: In some regions, there are legal requirements regarding label content, such as mandatory information to be included on labels for specific products. Label printing scales may need to comply with these regulations.

Multi-Purpose Use: Label printing scales can be used in a variety of applications, including supermarkets, grocery stores, delis, butcher shops, and warehouses.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is important to ensure that both the weighing and printing functions remain accurate and reliable.

When choosing a label printing weighing scale, consider factors such as the volume of items to be weighed and labeled, the label design and customization options, connectivity requirements, and any specific legal or industry standards that need to be met. HMS Enterprises is a reputed manufacturer offer support and maintenance services to keep the equipment in optimal working condition.


► Intelligent Indicator With Pre Loader Plu

► Date & Time, Weight, Piece, Part Name, Part Code,
Supervisor, Operator Details, Etc.,

► Instant Label Printing Facility

► Check Weight.

► Barcode or QR code print option Customized Label Size

► Memory – Up To 1000 Plu’s

► High Low Setting

Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan (mm) Class
HMS-P 30 Kg 5 gm 400 x 400 SS III
HMS-P 100 Kg 10 gm 400 x 400 SS III
HMS-P 300 Kg 50 gm 500 x 500 SS III
HMS-P 200 Kg 20 gm 600 x 600 SS/MS III
HMS-P 300 Kg 50 gm 600 x 600 SS/MS III
HMS-P 500 Kg 50 gm 750 x 750 SS/MS III
HMS-P 1 Ton 100 gm 1000 x 1000 III
HMS-P 2 Ton 200 gm 1200 x 1200 III
HMS-P 3 Ton 500 gm 1500 x 1500 III
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