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HMS barcode label weighing scale, often referred to as a barcode label printing scale, is a specialized device used in various retail and commercial settings. These scales are designed to not only weigh items accurately but also print barcode labels containing product information, pricing, and other relevant data. They are commonly used in supermarkets, grocery stores, delis, and other businesses where items are sold by weight and require barcode labeling for inventory management and point-of-sale (POS) purposes.

Here are the key features and functions of HMS barcode label weighing scale:

Weighing Function: The primary function of the scale is to accurately measure the weight of items placed on its platform. It provides weight readings in units such as grams, kilograms, pounds, or ounces, depending on the scale's configuration.

Barcode Label Printing: These scales have an integrated thermal or direct thermal label printer that can generate barcode labels. These labels typically include a barcode symbol, product name or description, weight, price per unit of weight (e.g., price per pound), and any other required information.

Barcode Scanning: Some models are equipped with barcode scanners or readers that allow operators to scan existing barcode labels on products for price lookup, inventory tracking, or re-labeling purposes.

PLU (Price Look-Up) Database: Many barcode label scales come with a PLU database that stores product information, including product codes, descriptions, and pricing. This database simplifies the process of printing labels for frequently sold items.

Customizable Labels: Users can often customize label formats, including fonts, sizes, and logos, to meet their branding and information requirements.

Tare Function: The tare function allows the operator to zero out the scale when placing a container or packaging on it, ensuring that only the net weight of the product is considered.

Connectivity: Some scales offer connectivity options, such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi, to enable communication with a central database or inventory management system. This allows for real-time updates and inventory control.

Touchscreen Interface: Many modern barcode label scales feature user-friendly touchscreen interfaces that simplify operation and data entry.

Legal Compliance: In many regions, retail scales must comply with legal metrology standards to ensure accurate and fair trade. These scales are often certified and verified by regulatory authorities.

Multiple Units of Measure: Scales may support various units of measure to cater to different product categories and customer preferences.

Barcode label weighing scales are essential tools for businesses that sell items by weight, as they streamline pricing, labeling, and inventory management processes. These scales help reduce errors, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service by providing accurate pricing and product information at the point of sale.

When using a barcode label weighing scale, it's crucial to follow calibration and maintenance guidelines to ensure accurate measurements and reliable label printing. Additionally, businesses should stay compliant with local regulations and standards for retail scales to avoid legal issues related to inaccurate weighing and pricing.

Barcode label weighing scale Applications

► Suitable For Supermarket

► Grocery Shops

► Fish & Meat Shops

► Sweet & Bakery Shops


► Q9POS, Bill Printing scale that provides multi-retail
solutions at your finger tips.

► Boost revenue, manage queues and improve operation throughput
with the many innovative functions of the
Q9POS and experience the true retail solution.


Model Q9 POS
Capacity 30 Kg - 5 g
Pan Size 320 x 220 mm
Main Display Negative LCD green display dot matrix
Customer Display Negative LCD green display
Number Of Keys 38 Functional key, 40x2=80 hot key pad
Number Of PLU 10000
Processor MIPS4K
Power Supply AC 230 V, 28 W
Battery 6V 10mah (optional)
Standard Interface 1 USB, RJ45 LAN, RJ11 cashbox, RS232
Optional Interface Wifi
Application Software PLU, Sales man, VIP customer Management and Reports
Web, Mail Application Through SPOS cloud application PLU, Stock, purchase,
sales and stock Report can manage
Material of Construction Fully ABS, Pan SS

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