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HMS Check Weighing Platform Scale

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HMS check weighing platform scale is a specialized weighing device used primarily in industrial and manufacturing settings to ensure that products or items being packaged or processed meet specified weight criteria. These scales are designed to quickly and accurately determine whether the weight of individual items falls within acceptable tolerances, helping businesses maintain product quality and comply with regulatory requirements.

Here are key features and functions of HMS check weighing platform scales:

High Accuracy: Check weighing scales are designed for precision, providing accurate weight measurements to verify product weight compliance.

Threshold Setting: Users can set upper and lower weight thresholds or target weight ranges that the items must meet. These thresholds are based on quality control standards or regulatory requirements.

Visual and Audible Alarms: When an item's weight falls outside the specified range, the check weighing scale triggers visual indicators (e.g., lights or displays) and audible alarms (e.g., beeps or buzzers) to alert operators.

Sorting and Rejecting: In automated production lines, check weighing scales can be integrated with sorting mechanisms to divert items that do not meet weight criteria to a reject bin for further inspection or correction.

Data Logging: Many check weighing scales can log weight data and provide reports for quality control and record-keeping purposes.

Interface and Connectivity: These scales often have interfaces for connecting to other equipment, such as printers, computers, or central control systems, to transmit weight data and control processes.

Stainless Steel Construction: Check weighing scales are often constructed from stainless steel or other durable materials suitable for industrial environments. This ensures resistance to corrosion and damage.

IP Ratings: Some models have Ingress Protection (IP) ratings to protect against dust and water ingress, making them suitable for use in wet or dusty conditions.

Dynamic Weighing: Check weighing scales can perform dynamic weighing, meaning they can weigh items in motion on conveyor belts or production lines.

Batch Weighing: Some models support batch weighing, where a specified number of items are weighed together and compared to the total weight threshold.

Check weighing platform scales find applications in various industries, including food and beverage manufacturing (for portion control and packaging), pharmaceuticals (for verifying medication dosages), and logistics and shipping (for verifying package weights). They help ensure that products meet quality and safety standards, prevent underweight or overweight items from reaching consumers, and reduce product giveaway or waste.

When using a HMS check weighing platform scale, it's crucial to regularly calibrate and maintain the scale to ensure accurate measurements. Operators should also follow proper procedures for setting weight thresholds and monitoring the production process to maintain product quality and compliance with regulations.

Check Weighing Platform Scale Features

► Simple set point with Buzzer

► Check scale with Low/High/Pass

► Tower lamp with Buzzer

► Check scale alarm on stable Wt.

► Both Table top and indicator can be check scale

► Data storage in USB on PASS with date & time

► Latest concept in tower lamp interface


► Bright Green LED display.

► Extra display at the rear side of the scale.

► 6 V, 4 AH SMF rechargeable battery.

► Computer / Printer interface (RS-232 C).

► Rod Type extra display.

► Real Time Clock.

► USB Port.

► Thermal Printer (with adaptor).

► 7.4 V, 1.5 AH Li-Ion battery with charger.

Check Weighing Platform Scale Technical Details

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan (mm) Class
HMS-P 50 Kg 5 gm 400 x 400 III
HMS-P 100 Kg 10 gm 400 x 400 III
HMS-P 200 Kg 20 gm 500 x 500 III
HMS-P 300 Kg 50 gm 600 x 600 III
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